El Greeyo Coffee, a cup of liquid love!


We proudly boost a selection of signature blends and origin coffees of excellent aroma, body and flavour; they open a door, to our customers, to centuries of coffee tradition.


When savouring El Greeyo Coffees, one appreciates the supreme quality produced by the efforts of the coffee farmers and producers.


Medium roasting coffee profile is preferred, roasted coffee beans exhibit a cinnamon colour and a non-oily appearance; producing generally a milder and sweeter taste than darker roasts.


It is available in grinds for espresso, percolators, French press and espresso pod (Nespresso ® compatibles)


Quality packaging is use to ensure coffee freshness, sizes ranges from 1kg, 250g, 80g, and pods (5g)

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Signature Coffee Blends

Single Origin Coffees


​When selecting our single origin coffees we chose those that represent a tradition of quality and world recognition.




House Speciality Coffee


Our House Speciality Offer reveals a tradition of over 250 years of coffee  tradition that few know but worth to discover.

El Greeyo House Blend

A fusion of African and Latin America    coffee   beans. It brews an excellent espresso  Recommended for strong coffee lovers and those needing a ‘wake up’ start to the day.





The ‘house blends’ milder twin – also designed to produce espressos of high quality but lower acidity. Great for mild coffee consumer’s, coffee shops and restaurants; offices and retail – it combines the 3 Latin American beans included in our ‘house blend’, but excludes the African bean, thus reducing the acidity and citrus notes.



Soft sweet coffee,,   a delicate and smooth espresso cup.  It was designed for mild coffee lovers. It combines Cuban Serrano  beans and chocolaty flavour Latin American beans







Tesoro Cubano:

A treasure blend that incorporate the  delicate and round flavour of cuban  origin coffee with citrus acid notes of an african origin;  it brew  an strong  espresso recommended  for Cuban Cigar  Lovers



Colombia Origin Coffee: it brew a clean cup of coffee of good acidity, medium to high body and a full pronounced aroma


Pairing food:  vanilla cake or cookies







Salvador Origin Coffee, it brew a cup of coffee with penetrating aroma, strong flavour, fairly good texture, high acidity and good body 

Pairing food: vanilla cake or cookies

Mama Ines 

Our House Speciality Coffee is a Cuban origin coffee from the Sierra Maestra Region


It brews a coffee of excellent fragrance & fine aroma, delicate soft and sweet tasting, good acidity with some citrus notes and balanced body - Highly recommended for Cuban Cigar’s  Lovers


Paing Food: vanilla cake or butter short bread. 

Personalized  Coffee Blend Design


We offer   unique  blend  and label design for special occasion  and clients 


Above  a coffee gift   label for a country wedding

Tesoro Blend Coffee Capsules


Our House Speciality C offee is a Cuban Serrano Single Origin


It reveals a tradition of over 250 years of coffee  tradition that few know but worth to discover.


Double A’ Kenyan Origin Coffee  of incomparable quality and the finest in Africa. It produces a cup of coffee with a citric aroma, medium body and bright acidity comparable to wine.

Pairing food:  blueberries, caramel and butter croissant








Latin America’s origin beans; strictly water processed beans are offered



Guatemala Origin Coffee, it produces a cup of pronounced acidity and delicate aroma.

Pairing food: fresh apples, caramel, and raisin muffin







Brazil Cerrado Origin Coffee, I brews a   cup of coffee with good body and cream, with chocolaty flavour.


Pairing food: cookies, croissant or chocolate cake