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Tesoro Cubano – Cuban Blend



Brews a strong espresso

A Treasure blend, strong with a delicate round flavour. Recommended to Cuban Cigar lovers and those wanting to enjoy a high-quality coffee.


This perfect espresso bean, is stronger with the delicate round flavour of a Cuban El Greeyo blend, with notable acidity and bright citrus notes from African origin beans, enhanced with the delicate aroma and good body of Latin American beans. The flavour encapsulates the treasures of Caribe Cuba and pirates of the Caribbean of the time.

Recommended for Cuban Cigar Lovers


We prefer a medium roasting profile, which exhibits a cinnamon colour and a non-oily appearance. Generally a milder and sweeter taste than darker roasts.



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Weight 0.3 g
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Beans, Espresso Ground, Filter, Plunger Ground


1kg, 250g


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